We often find ourselves in a situation wherein we have to think of a perfect gift to pamper our loved ones to let them know how important; they are. But there are thousands of different special occasions/festivals/milestones which calls for gifting hence we tend to often run out of some great gift ideas. So the question arises – what to give them, that they genuinely end up loving and appreciating? That is precisely when gift cards of different brands come into the picture. It makes an extremely versatile gift with which a person can shop for the gift card’s amount value. This way, a person can shop for something of their choice but technically could be seen it was gifted by someone else as he/she had to pay the price of the gift card. Most of the retail stores offer gift cards facility for different money values in both physical and e-modes. One can purchase anything, be it, the best gift for girls or some beauty products or even get some clothing items for themselves. But quite just like any other thing, gift cards have their own set of pros and cons too. Let’s have a look at those! 

Pros Of Gift Cards 

  • Gifting an envelope full of cash would sometimes seem to be hurting the other person’s sentiments, which is why gift cards can be a superb substitute.
  • Solves our gifting dilemma, as in what to gift
  • Wide availability and easy access across various online and offline stores, fitting everyone’s budget.
  • While redeeming these gift cards too, it makes an excellent substitute for using cash and credit cards.
  • If the giftee is going through some financial crisis or just going tight pocket for somedays, gift cards can help fetch him/her atleast some necessities.
  • The gifters love to shower their love via gift cards so that they don’t have to incur the shipping charges.
  • It makes an excellent gift for holidays and various occasions.
  • Gift cards can also be redeemed in some necessities like gas, groceries, and drugstore purchases.
  • Giftee can make a shop to their heart’s delight and offer exciting offers and discounts during the peak sale season.
  • Gift cards help us shop in limited quantities, which is what is said to help control shopaholics’ habits.
  • They are easy to use and look into the convenience of the buyers.

Cons of Gift Cards

  • Mostly, the balance left in the gift card always ends up getting wasted. Or needs the giftee to pay some additional amount to avoid the wastage.
  • Shows that the gifter was incredibly very lazy to put enough thought into his/her gifting gesture.
  • Most people dislike shopping with a gift card because they usually don’t either find what they have been looking for or don’t have the time to shop.
  • Some gift cards like closed-loop cards limit the purchasing power.
  • Misplacing the gift card or losing it to theft can become an absolute headache and loss of money as nobody remembers the gift card voucher number.
  • One can even charge an inactivity fee if the card is not used.
  • Some gift cards also have expiry dates mentioned on it. If the purchase of an explosion box over a gift shop or clothing from some garment shop is not made within this time period, the gift card gets expired and is basically of no use.

So, these were some of the pros and cons of gifting a gift card to our loved ones on various occasions. Looking at this list of pros and cons, make sure to decide wisely – whether or not, you wish to pamper your loved ones with a gift card of some reputed store.