Flowers are deeply associated with emotions. Their beauty evokes deep feelings inside of us. By introducing flowers to our lives, we induce a positive impact on ourselves. According to a study done at Rutgers University, psychologists discovered that flowers are mood elevators no matter the gender.

The colours of a flower, along with the varied designs, has the ability to invoke different emotions. Thus, to incorporate positivity into our lives, we can choose to decorate our abode with flowers and floral arrangements.

Set the mood – decorate with flowers

Flowers are a natural way to set the mood of a particular room. The appeal of a flower induces positivity all around the house. When you place specific floral arrangements to certain rooms, you set the different mood through this decor choice. Flower delivery in Pune service will ensure you get premium non-allergic flowers that stay fresh longer.

  • Roses are associated with love and romance, security and fidelity. They are timeless. Accentuating your bedroom with roses, whether a combination of different colours or monochromatic, will ensure your den feels like a safe haven for you and your partner.
  • Irises are exotic in their design. They can be spotted in shades of blues and purples, evoking richness and rarity. White irises are the rarest of the bunch. Irises are bulbous at the beginning which blooms only during spring. Irises give people a sense of revitalisation and freshness. Placing irises along with other assorted flowers, will give your drawing room a special touch. The placement of such assortments is better near window sills or on corner tabletops. Irises, though are gorgeous should not be used for centrepieces as they can be quite distracting.
  • Water lilies are calming. They float in soft ripples of water, and that can be mood provoking. You can consider using water lilies for potpourri arrangements and other floating centrepieces. One of the best spots of the house to decorate with such floral arrangements is the washroom. The water clad fragrance of petals gives a mind tantalising aroma to the room.
  • Orchids are exotic because they are tropical. The wispy free-flowing flower is excellent for decorative wreaths and assorted centrepieces. Placing these as the centre attraction in a floral bunch or vases gives that extra beautification touch to the room.
  • Daisies are white with yellow centres. Other flowers mimic daisies with fanning out petals and yellow centres like purple or blue asters. Daisies provoke feelings of childhood whimsy and a sense of contentment. Using daisies to decorate the hallway or keeping a bouquet right beside the main entrance makes your guests feel welcomed.
  • Lavender and violets are purple in colour, the colour that represents royalty. Lavender is used in anti-anxiety medication. The fragrance is alluring. Using these flowers for decorating the potpourris or adding them to bedrooms relieves stress. They also give an extra dose of fresh colour to the different shades of pastels in a bouquet.

By adding flower arrangements to your home, you get the option to make it more friendly and well versed for you and your family. Happy decorating!