Sun hats are the most elegant piece of fashion that has ever been created. It not only keeps the sun rays distant, but elevates your style and keeps you season ready. Tired searching for cute summer straw hats for women? We can ease your burden a little by helping you choose the right type of summer hats. So, let’s get started!

1. Paper straw panama Hat

A must-have accessory that you can style with versatility is what you get with the paper straw panama hats. Suits with every occasion, like relaxing on a beach or discovering a new city, the paper straw panama hats does really go a long way. With the variety of color options to choose  from, you can mix and match them with your outfit to be outing ready.

2. Wide brim straw Hat

These are the most classy looking sun hats with cute little ribbons at the back to serve the timeless appeal. Made with straw, it offers sheer comfort due to its lightweight. One of the most appealing factors of such hats is that they are easily carryable in small-sized travel bags due to their ability of being folded flexibly. The hats generally are accustomed with an adjustable inner band to ensure the perfect fitting.

3. Bunny Hat

Never go out in style bunny hats are a major attraction in any outfit that is enough to steal the show. As elegant as it might look it is the most classic looking sun hat that protects can be worn both casually or formally. With a large enough brim it covers your face to prevent the sunlight reaching the harmful effects of UV radiations. You can search the web to browse a variety of most casual or formal wearing elegant pieces of design to have them all in your wardrobe this summer.

4. Versilia Hat

For all the women who worry about sweating while wearing a hat, this one’s for you. Versilia hat is a master creation that is open at the top and offers a UPF 50 to keep your head all light and breezy. The middle-length brim is perfect to prevent the radiation from reaching your face, highlighting your features. Usually this type of hat comes with a drawstring attached on the insides which makes it adjustable. It is wind resistant so bye-bye messy tangled hairs and hello to a playful day at the beach.

5. Tracey Hat

A wider brim for that dramatic look creates a perfect segue to welcome the summers. With up to 7 inches wide brim and style that pairs with an array of outfits it is enough to keep you in style. A general advantage of 7 inches wider brim is that it protects the back of your neck and even the shoulders from UV rays. Made with lightweight material known as Raffia, it is comfortable to wear all day long on warm sunny days.

What you might want to consider while choosing the right summer hat?

  • Fabric/material. When summer hats are your concern then material must be the first thing that should come to mind. Wearing sun protective clothing for being in the hot humid environment is a necessity and therefore, choosing a lightweight polyester, nylon or silk is the best option.
  • UPF level. While sunscreen is always the first essential for summers, a full day in summer might need a little extra care. That is why UPF ratings are important. Choose for UPF 30-50 for the added layer of protection.
  • Brim length. A wider brim is a good way to protect your back of the neck and even your shoulders if you are specially looking for a summer hat to be worn out on the beach.


With that our article ends here and we hope you have found this article helpful to coming to the conclusion of picking the right summer hat for you.