Keratin is a word you might have heard being thrown around a lot in the beauty world lately. It’s a type of treatment that comes with a ton of fantastic benefits and can help your hair in many different ways.

Before we get into that however, what is keratin? Simply put, keratin is a type of protein that’s found in the hair and nails. When it comes to hair particularly, it’s the protein that helps do things like prevent breakage, heat damage, and frizz. That means applying keratin to your hair can actually help enhance each of these things.

Top Benefits of Keratin Treatments

Now we can get into a bit more of the specifics behind the benefits of getting keratin treatments.

1.  Adds shine to the hair

One thing you’re sure to see after receiving a keratin treatment is much shinier hair. That’s because the keratin works to smooth out the hair cuticle and fill in any areas that might be damaged.

You’ll get even better results in a salon than you will with an at home treatment. Particularly when it comes to achieving that incredible shine. Although doing it at home is still a possibility.

2.  Smooths the hair and can help reduce frizz

If you’ve been dealing with more frizz than usual it could be time to consider a new treatment. Keratin treatments are particularly great for frizz as they help smooth out the appearance and provide you with much healthier looking hair overall. You might even look for keratin infused products that can come in the form of a serum or oil for ongoing results.

3.  Adds strength back into the hair

As time goes on and as you use heat and other products on the hair it can end up weakening the hair follicles. This is due to the chemical and mechanical damage that’s done.

Keratin helps bring strength back into the hair. It has even been known to help strengthen it by up to 40% which is a huge jump.

4. Keeps down drying time

No one enjoys drying their hair for what feels like forever. Or even waiting for their hair to air dry. Keratin can actually help reduce the amount of hair drying time by minimizing the porosity of the hair. That means less water gets trapped inside each of the hair cuticles.

Less water to remove means less drying time by a landslide!

5.  Minimizes the appearance of split ends

As you might have guessed, when you improve the strength of your hair that means your split ends too! Keratin will work to smooth the hair cuticles back together which is what helps  minimize the look of split ends.

The even better part about it? As you increase your hair’s strength, you’ll also get less breakage. That means even more hair growth.

How to Use Keratin

If you’re ready to experience some of these incredible benefits for yourself, then you’re likely interested in learning more about how to use keratin for your hair. There’s actually several different ways to use keratin in order to achieve the stronger, healthier, shinier hair you’re looking for. Let’s take a look at some of them.

In-salon keratin

Of course, the best way to receive a keratin treatment is at the salon. The professionals will know how to handle your hair in a way that gets you maximum results.

The process works by sealing keratin into the hair using chemicals and high heat. It generally lasts somewhere around six months and will give you the ultimate shine.

Add as a styling serum

Another way to add keratin back into the hair is with a keratin-infused styling serum. The serum should be applied to the hair while it’s wet for best results.

This will end up cutting down your drying time and will leave you with silky smooth hair. It really is that easy!

Try a repairing hair mask

If you’re currently experiencing very damaged and dry hair then a keratin-infused hair mask is definitely something worth trying! This will help add some health back into the hair and can even help treat hair that’s been damaged from heat.

It’s best to apply your keratin mask once a week or so while the hair is wet. You can then leave it on for about five minutes or as long as directed on the package. Rinse it out, style your hair as usual, and you’ll be good to go.

Use a hydrating oil treatment

Another way to add keratin back into your hair is with a hydrating oil treatment. You may or may not be surprised to know keratin is something that’s commonly mixed with other oils like argan oil. This is so your hydrating oil treatment provides you with the option to de-frizz while also adding moisture back in.

Look for a hydrating oil treatment that includes keratin in order to repair those damaged locks.

Make use of a strengthening shampoo

Shampoo is likely something you’re already using. That’s why switching to a keratin shampoo is an easy way to try keratin for yourself. There are many protein focused shampoos out there that will provide you with smoothing and strengthening benefits.

Keratin shampoos are great because you’ll get the benefits of healthy and frizz-free hair without having to use any super harsh chemicals. Adding keratin into your hair routine is made easy.

Book in for Your Next Keratin Treatment

Are you thinking a keratin treatment could be just what you need to bring your hair back to life? We don’t blame you! With so many incredible benefits, a keratin treatment could make a huge difference to the health of your hair.

If you’re looking for a West Palm Beach salon to help you with your next treatment, be sure to check out Anushka Palm Beach. Their team of experts is ready to help bring life back into your hair and help you feel better than ever.