When it comes to baby feeding, it is one of the best bonding moments in the parenthood.  If you are a new parent, you might stuck in the situation that which bottle should I buy for my baby. It should be glass or plastic, fourounces or eight, what size would be better, and list of questions seems endless. Hence choosing a right bottle is often complicated for so many parents as there are tons of options are available. So, whether you are nursing or using baby feed formula, you may require a bottle that works for you both. As feeding bottle is baby’s daily essential, it comes in various material, sizes & shapes.

There are three types of bottles that come in glass, silicon and plastic bottles. Also, they have various nipple sizes, each of which provides a different rate of milk flow. So, one should keep these things in mind before buying feeding bottles for their little ones. Luckily, this blog will assist you find the best bottles for your little babies.

1- Glass Bottles

While it may sound like a bit of a head-scratcher to give your baby something made of glass.But the glass that is used for baby bottle has some unique features that is totally different from the everyday glass. They are tempered glass that is more durable and won’t break easily even if banged around or dropped. You can buy more like this at a discount with Mamas and Papas offer code.

2- Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are the most common types of bottles for babies available in the market and the most affordable one. They are made of hard plastic and hence are not easily break when banged around. Don’t miss to shop for a plastic bottles if you are looking for something that are unbreakable and lightweight.

3- Silicon Bottles

Silicon bottles are the newest types of bottles these days in the market. They’re made from silicone, a soft, flexible material that’s free from chemicals.Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, these bottles come in various nipples sizes and shape that varies from bottle to bottle.You can buy its individual parts as well.

4- Slow & Faster Flow Nipples

These nipples are designed for infants and younger babies. They are specially designed provide a slower flow of milk or formula so baby won’t have too much or too fast.It designed for the older babies because they have bigger swallows and have better control over a faster flow of liquid.Similar to this, there are bottles that mostly come in two sizes so that feeding measure can be kept in mind.

5- Four & Eight Ounces Bottles

There are mostly two sized bottles available in the market. One is smaller-sized bottle that is usually around four ounces. It is specially designed for new-borns who eat less per feeding than the older babies.Then, there are larger bottles available in the market that holds about eight ounces of breast milk or formula.Hence, these bottles specially designed for older babies who eat more than the younger ones.