Every season has its speciality and beauty. But with the season, the weather changes simultaneously and brings in a set of health problems. For instance, different bacteria and viruses occur during monsoons, and winter’s cold breeze brings a cough. People with low immunity are more susceptible to catching infections and diseases. The category of most affected people includes young children, senior citizens, people with comorbid diseases, and people having genetic issues.

Being the birthplace of Ayurveda and Yoga, India is the most visited place for the natural cure of diseases. While westerners prefer to visit physicians at the drop of a hat, Indians believe in the old-age tested and tried home remedies such as herbal tea. It is critical to recognize that when one becomes ill, one should seek medical attention. However, since we live in the land of herbs and spices, there is no danger in utilizing an online tea purchase to prevent or treat some common illnesses or diseases. This article discusses a few common health concerns that can be addressed at home.

Cold, Sore Throat, Cough

The one major part of the internal body that gets affected by the change in weather is the respiratory part. The most typical symptoms are a cold with a stuffy or running nose, and another symptom is a painful throat and cough, which can be dry or phlegmy. Herbal therapies for common respiratory tract infections include ginger, holy basil or tulsi, black pepper, and honey. Warm water glasses with all or any of the ingredients would provide much-needed relief. Strong ginger or black pepper tea can also help with a sore throat or cold.

A teaspoon of honey, black pepper, or dry ginger powder can soothe a cough, and you can steep half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric paste in milk. This golden magic can be a great comfort at night if it’s warm and help you sleep even if your cough or congested nose keeps you awake. The traditional “haldidoodh” that the grandmothers believed in is the new-age turmeric latte. Application of Eucalyptus oil to the forehead and chest to relieve stuffy noses.


Fever results from the body’s defences combating a foreign invader like a virus or bacteria. Fever symptoms include body aches, loss of appetite, nausea, and headaches. Typically, a viral fever requires 5-7 days to recover completely. However, the first five to seven days are painful, and the sufferer cannot perform daily activities.

Giloy is a branch of a tree used to cure fever, especially consumed to get relief from dengue fever. The branch is cleaned, divided into little sticks, and boiled to make a tea drink. The antibacterial qualities of the boiled and filtered water assist in reducing fever. Neem leaves can be used similarly. You can eliminate nausea and headaches by combining tulsi, ginger, and black pepper.  Grapes offer cooling qualities. This online tea purchase drink efficiently combats fever.


There are numerous causes of headaches. The most typical ones are stress and migraine. Steeped cumin seeds in water are effective; it is the body’s way of telling you that it needs more water. Another option is to drink herbal tea infused with chamomile or peppermint.


Any tooth and gum infection may be the cause of a toothache. Cloves are the finest buddies for gleaming whites; clove oil and chewing provide much-needed relief. The leaves of the guava tree are also edible, and they have pain-relieving antibacterial effects.

Acidity, Gastroenteritis, Indigestion, & Diarrhea

With plenty of lemon water to wash out the toxins, most digestive system-related problems can be resolved. Other stomach problems, including diarrhoea, can be alleviated by consuming fennel or carom seeds. For diarrhoea, coconut water is a go-to remedy.

The pandemic has taught us that what appears to be a mild cough and fever may not be so. If anything seems out of the ordinary, it is crucial to look for the symptoms and see a doctor or physician. Despite this, it is essential to understand that herbs are safe and natural and can enhance immunity, preventative treatments, and therapeutic drugs.

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