Sunglasses are at once fashionable and practical items. They have the utility of protecting your eyes from the sun and glare and they have the appeal of looking downright attractive when paired correctly with a face and an outfit. Accordingly, these are the two metrics that people normally apply when out shopping for sunglasses.

They might also be concerned about comfort, which only underscores the need to try on a few pairs in the shop.For that purpose, you’re much better off with inexpensive bulk designer sunglasses because, when you go for the big-name brands, you get the brand and the prestige not a pair of sunglasses well-suited to you.

Olympic Eyewear, a men’s and women’s wholesale sunglasses seller, say that there is one additional factor that isn’t often considered at the point of sale, and this is durability. But why do sunglasses need to be durable? All they do is sit on your face, right?

Well, sunglasses are taken on and off, tossed on the dashboard, regularly opened and closed and, in some cases, used in fairly stressful circumstances such as winter sports or driving, to take but two examples.

Moreover, when it comes to durability, we are talking here about the strength of the frames. How many times have you found yourself using a pair of substandard sunglasses only to snap the frames simply in the process of opening them?

What Are the Most Durable Sunglasses Frames?

Despite the importance of durability, this is actually not the right question to ask. In the search for durability, you need to also consider comfort. This is always the balance that a pair of good sunglasses needs to strike.The very toughest materials can hardly be used because glasses also need to be lightweight and comfortable. Accordingly, the best durable sunglasses are those that you can wear with ease, and which can also withstand the stresses of daily use.

Different Frame Materials

There is no one material thatwins out. Several materials can be exceptionally durable if properly constructed. Nevertheless, in the interests of helping you pick the right pair, here follows some safe bets:


As you might expect, metal frames will stand up well to wear and tear. Nonetheless, there are different types of metals which are commonly used, each offering unique advantages. Titanium is certainly a stand-out materialas this material is incredibly strong, but it is also lightweight and fully corrosion-resistant. The case of titanium raises another important aspect of sunglasses durability, and this is their ability to resist degradation over time. Titanium certainly offers this.

Titanium is, however, pretty expensive. Beryllium is a good alternative to avoid breaking the bank. Also lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant, beryllium frames can also be quite easy to adjust.


You might think that plastic loses out instantly to metal when it comes to durability, but you would be wrong. Remember, sunglasses are not building materials, and resisting the stresses of daily use can also be offered by high quality glasses that make use of high-quality plastic.

Considering comfort again, zyl and cellulose acetate frames offer a good deal of comfort, are lightweight and are also durable. These are the most common materials used for plastic glasses frames. There is also blended nylon, which is a popular choice for safety or sports glasses. These offer the maximum of comfort and even more durability for the additional stresses that these activities involve.

Learning a bit about frame materials is a good way to be able to bet on durability before you buy a pair. And by simply trying on prospective sunglasses, you can ensure they fit comfortably too.