Canvas art is a kind of art that is done on any cloth. It is different from other forms of art that is done on paper or other materials. The canvas art pieces look fine and fantastic owing to the textile base. The colors appear more vibrant & appealing on the cloth canvas. Nowadays, canvas art is trending and art-enthusiasts are making an active purchase of this kind of art pieces for interior decoration. Today, this blog will tell you about the 3 best and most beautiful canvas art to lighten up your living room.

1.Pattachitra Canvas Art

The first style of canvas art on the list is Pattachitra art. Pattachitra paintings are designed on special type of canvas where layering of cotton sarees with tamarind paste is done and then coating with clay powder is done on it. Once the canvas dries and becomes sturdy, the artists fill the colors on it without any sketches. All colors are sourced from natural items like conch shells, lamp soot, turmeric, etc.

The artists who make Pattachitra paintings are known as “Patuas’ and they are highly skillful. As Pattachitra canvas art is purely handmade, each piece can consume up to 15 days to several months to get ready! The Pattachitra canvas art pieces highlight Gods & Goddesses so they are believed to bring peace and positivity in your living room.

2.Madhubani Canvas Art

Another type of canvas art that is in high demand is Madhubani style. Madhubani paintings are designed on cloth material and look superb in any space. The cloth canvas is painted with natural colors, twigs, and rice powder. These paintings have got recognition at global level- thanks to Mithila Museum in Japan. It is also famous as “Madhubani Museum’ and has lot of Madhubani artworks. Talking about the designs of Madhubani paintings, some of them accentuate Gods and Goddesses while others show the routine lives of common people. It is an evergreen form of canvas art that you can buy anytime to lighten up your living room!

3.Pichwai Canvas Art

The last style of Canvas art here is Pichwai paintings. These paintings were initially used as cloth wall hangings in the temples to adorn them. But now they can be found everywhere, including homes and offices. Pichwai paintings are designed on a big canvas, befitting any wall. Primarily, a rough sketch is made on a starched cotton canvas that is usually handspun. Then it is filled with fine colors. As per the Pichwai style, the canvas is sometimes adorned with cyrstals or golden threads for a charming effect. They make for a great wall art for your living room.


These 3 canvas art styles have been around us since ages. You can buy paintings online from Canvas art collections of renowned art galleries & sites such as the Bimba, Gallerist, ArtZolo, etc. Their traditional as well as contemporary versions are widely available. Both of them look stunning!