Coffee was once known as a drink that warms you up on the coolest day. However, more people are choosing to enjoy their favorite coffee over ice instead. Cold brew coffee has popped up all over, and some people even opt for the chilled beverage on the coldest, snow-capped days. If this sounds sounds familiar, what you may not know is that you’re getting some extra perks when drinking your chilled coffee.

1. Cold brew is better for sensitive stomachs.

Drinking coffee stimulates acid production in your stomach. The beverage doesn’t have a lot of acid in itself but does kickstart your stomach to start digesting all the other foods in your stomach that do contain acid. When you brew chilled coffee, N-methylpyridinium (NMP) isn’t roasted out. NMP helps to prevent gastric-acid secretion and leads to a smoother settled stomach after drinking.

2. Cold brew is an antioxidant.

The hotter you brew your coffee, the more nutrients get steamed out of the beverage. Coffee made at a lower temperature means an increased amount of antioxidants remain in the coffee. Chlorogenic acid is chock full of benefits, and you’ll find an abundance of the acid in your coffee. A colder brew leads to intensified antioxidants.

3. Cold brew is better later in the day.

If you love coffee at all times throughout the day and don’t want to settle for just a morning fix, cold brew is better suited for you. Since ingesting high levels of caffeine in the afternoon and evening can have detrimental effects of your sleeping patterns and ability to wind down, you’re better off indulging in chilled coffee later in the day. A cold brew only contains about 40mg per 100g of coffee which is 20mg less than regular coffee. If you simply want to savor the taste of coffee without needing an extra energy jolt, cold is key.

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, and people have found which temperatures fit their fancy. If you’re a cold brew aficionado, there are benefits brewed just for you.